This pagent was designed especially for contestants ages 4and UP with special needs and disabilites. The pageant promotes personal growth, higher self-esteem and confidence development in a safe and loving environment for these amazing contestants. Each contestant is beautifully unique in their own way. The Special Beauties pageant allows each of these special contestantas to shine and show off their amazing talents and smile. If you know a person Age 4 and UP with a disability or has special needs this a the pageant for them! Any disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act is eligible to apply. This pageant is not limited just to wheelchair users, it is open to Deaf, blind, Wheelchair users, mobility impairments, mental disabilities, epilepsy, down syndrome, and many more of the like. Should you have any questions regarding the pageant please contact the Director at

Pagent Rules & Contestant Criteria

Rules & Contestant Criteria

Contestants and 1 (one) Chaperone Must Arrive at 9:00 AM the day of Pageant
Arrive in your interview outfit with hair and makeup ready to go (Makeup should be in best interest of the contestant. This is NOT a glam pageant)
Please bring your own snacks and water.

Contestants must have a disability according to the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act to participate.
Any girl or woman who meets the definition of disability under the government laws and acts defining a disability (Disability Discrimination Act 1995: “A person has a disability for the purposes of this Act if he has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.”) is eligible to participate in the Special Beauties Pageant.
To read more about the ADA Laws, click here .

Contestants must be a United States citizen between 4 and up, never married or have children.
The program is broken up into three (7) age divisions:
Ms. (26 and UP) Miss (20-25)Miss Teen (16 - 19), Miss Jr. Teen (13 - 15) and Miss Pre-Teen (10 - 12) Little Miss (7 - 9) Wee Miss (4 - 6). Boys Age 4-UP!

Contestants must submit a short questionnaire, so we can get to know you better!
You Can Download this on the application page, (A copy of the questionnaire will be given to the judges to get to know you better! )

Contestants must submit one (1) 5x7 head shot for the pageant program. (same photo can be used for Miss Photogenic catogory)

Optional: that same head shot can be used for the Photogenic Optional category
Contestants may submit up to three (3) photos for Cover Girl/Boy Mini Optional Catogory  Please specify on application by checking the appropriate box.

Please Note: Cover Gil and Miss Photgenic are differant titles Cover girl/Boy over all winner will have her photo on the front cover of the program for the Miss Special Beauties Pageant.

Each contestant must be accompanied by one (1) adult over the age of 25 as a chaperone.
Said chaperone will be responsible for assisting the contestant with outfit changes, hair and makeup. Each contestant is responsible for their own attire, hair and makeup.
Contestants may NOT have an onsite stylist, as this is an inner beauty pageant. Chaperone may assist with hair and makeup as needed.

All contestants and Chaperones must sign a photo release prior to the pageant.  

Contestants who go to school must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher to participate.
Contestant must submit report card or school transcript upon registration. Any other accommodations for this requirement will be made on a case-by-case basis. (report card will be used for the Miss Academic Achievement title $5.00 entry fee required)

Contestant must compete in all Three (3) main categories; Casual wear or Sportsware, Formal wear, Interview. (Interview will be conducted on-stage during eveningware/Party Dress category)
No swimsuits allowed during Casualware or Sportsware category, contestant will be disqualified.
No removal of any outfit pieces please.

Optional Categories:
Talent (Please limit your talent to no more than (2) Two Minutes, and talent must be family friendly, any inappropriate content will be disqualified) 
Photogenic Please Submit (1) One 5x7 Photo (color or black and white) 
Cover Girl/Boy  Please Submit (3) Three 5x7 Photo(color or black and white) (One photo can be used for both Photogenic and Cover girl/Boy please indicate on back of photo which you would like used for Photogenic Category)

Mini Optional Categories include; Most Beautiful - Eyes, Hair, Smile and Dress, Best Casual Outfit, Sportsware, Community Service Award, and Academic Achievement  (8) Mini Optionals  (must submit report card/transcript).

Any songs ssng in the talent competition must be family friendly and age-appropriate.

Any dance done in the talent portion of the competition must be family friendly and age-appropriate.

Entry fee is nonrefundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full to the Special beauties pageant no later than two weeks prior to the pageant date. January 21,2017 (01/21/2017)

All Applications, Photos, and Fees MUST be paid no later than January 21,2017 (01/21/2017)

Any returned checks from your bank will incur a $40.00 returned check fee.

Entry fee does not include lodging accommodations. For a list of hotels nearby, Contact the director .

Contestants understand that the judge rulings and scores are final and will not be changed.

Poor sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification without the benefit of a refund.

Any contestant requiring an interpreter for ASL, or speech may bring one to accompany them for personal interview, and onstage question. (an ASL interpreter will be provided for The audience for the pageant)

We reserve the right to change or alter any and all rules at any time.

Meet Talaura's Team

  1. Talaura Cothran - Director/Founder
    Talaura's vision is an all inclusive pageant for girls with special needs and disability to compete in a loving a safe environment.
  2. Jennifer MacMonagle - Parent Supervisor
    Talaura's Mother Jennifer is a former Ms Wheelchair California and her muse behind her vision.
  3. Alexa Atkinson - Project Mentor
    Assist Talaura with Technology & Social Engagement for Project